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Let us be your tourist guide to the world. As we expand into new countries, we'll give you all the information that you need to know before you go and show you all the highlights of each country and region. Along the way we'll reveal places that you can stay with the service levels you thought had long since gone.

Whole Earth Guide in Belgium

The down to earth and cosmopolitan Flemish capitol of Antwerp

Antwerp is the real urban deal, a refreshingly down-to-earth yet vivacious cosmopolitan habitat blessed with magnificent architecture, fashionable shop fronts, beer-washed pubs, dazzling monuments, jazzed-up clubs, inspired artworks and restaurant tables piled with plates of superb Belgian and multicultural food. Antwerp, home of the Flemish Baroque master Rubens, not only has a wealth of outstand...

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Last updated 1 Nov 2007

The Medieval Flemish city of Bruges

Bruges (Flemish Brugge), the old capital of Flanders and an arch bishopric since 1559, is located on the little river Reie. Despite the addition of new buildings and the loss of its old town walls (all but four towers having been demolished since the mid 19th C. to make way for traffic), Bruges with its perfectly preserved medieval town center remains a tourist dream, a magnet drawing more than tw...

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Last updated 1 Nov 2007

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