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Let us be your tourist guide to the world. As we expand into new countries, we'll give you all the information that you need to know before you go and show you all the highlights of each country and region. Along the way we'll reveal places that you can stay with the service levels you thought had long since gone.

Whole Earth Guide in France

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You'll know of Dijon from the mustard but this there's a great deal more to see than mustard in this burgundy town.

The many museums include Le Cassissium (blackcurrants), Musée de l'Electricité, Musée des Traditions des Hautes-Côtes (folklore), Musée de la Vie Bourguignonne (rural culture, free), Musée d'Art Sacré (free), Musée des Beaux Arts (in the Ducal Palace), Musée Archéologique (free), ...

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Last updated 01 Jan 2008

Chartres Cathedral

Chartres is one of those places which you've probably heard of but never quite managed to find the time to visit.

The cathedral is, of course, the principal reason as it's considered to be one of the finest gothic catedrals in France and is listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Historically the town reached it's peak in the 12th century as a centre for intellectual and spiritual teachin...

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Last updated 05 Nov 2007


The town of Foix is dominated by the castle which towers over it and offers superb views of the surrounding countryside.

The town itself is quite charming although, aside from the castle, there aren't any particular sights to be seen. Each Friday morning the town hosts a very lively market which takes up the majority of the parking spots near the centre.

The castle is very accessible with no...

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Last updated 1 Nov 2007

Cathar Castles

Remnants of the Cathar castles are confined to a fairly small area of southern France with all of them within a couple of hours drive. This being the case, it's possible to see them all in a single day or, more realistically, over the course of a couple of days.

The first group consists of Aquila, Peyrepertuse and Queribus which takes around an hour to drive. Arques can be seen along this route...

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Last updated 1 Nov 2007

The walled town of Carcassonne

The walled city of Carcassonne is perhaps the most visited tourist site in southwest France and it's easy to see why. If anywhere looks like it was just ripped out of medieval times and dropped into modern day France, this is the place.

From a distance, the city looks just like what many people would picture as a fairy tale palace and within the walls, there are still quiet sections of the town...

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Last updated 1 Nov 2007

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