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Let us be your tourist guide to the world. As we expand into new countries, we'll give you all the information that you need to know before you go and show you all the highlights of each country and region. Along the way we'll reveal places that you can stay with the service levels you thought had long since gone.

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Discover craic and blarney in Cork

Cork City is Ireland's third city (after Dublin and Belfast) and has always been an important seaport. It began on an island in the swampy estuary of the River Lee (the name Corcaigh means a marsh), and gradually climbed up the steep banks on either side.
Today the river flows through Cork city in two main channels, so that you find yourself constantly crossing bridges.

As the hilly streets g...

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Last updated 1 Nov 2007

Capitol of Tuscany and the birthplace of Renaissance - Florence

Florence, the city of flowers, was the place where the Renaissance grew and anticipated Enlightenment and thus Modernity as a whole. Florence is one of the most beautiful and ancient cities in Italy and the world. It gave to birth many of the men who have more profoundly influenced the course of human history in every field of knowledge, art, literature and philosophy. Most of the world artistic p...

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Last updated 1 Nov 2007

See the most famous leaning tower in the world at Pisa

The Tuscan city of Pisa is most famous for it's leaning tower. It's the tower where, thanks to the lean, Galileo was able to perform his famous experiments which demonstrated that all weights fall at the same speed. Odd as it may seem to us today Aristotle had declared that a ten kilo weight would fall at ten times the speed of a one kilo weight yet nobody had bothered to check this theory until G...

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Last updated 1 Nov 2007


Although you "know" that Amsterdam has loads of bicycles, you'll never appreciate just how many are there 'til you see it for yourself. The photo here is just one spot from many cycle parks that are all over the city.

Because of this concentration on cycling, you'll find that it's very much a city to explore without your car and doesn't have anything like the level of pollution that you would n...

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Last updated 1 Nov 2007

Welcome to the largest Port in the world and city of galleries - Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the largest port in the world, the second city and the industrial heart of the Netherlands and the economic, social and cultural centre of the Rijnmond (‘Rhine Estuary’) region. In addition, Rotterdam is a city of modern architecture, events, leisure and recreation.This city that is so unlike Holland's other cities.

It is a city with outstanding architecture and delightful culture...

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Last updated 1 Nov 2007

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