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Let us be your tourist guide to the world. As we expand into new countries, we'll give you all the information that you need to know before you go and show you all the highlights of each country and region. Along the way we'll reveal places that you can stay with the service levels you thought had long since gone.

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Opening an account in the UK offshore islands

This is a brief introduction to the main options that are available to you if you would like to open an account in one of the UK offshore islands (Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Guernsey).

The usual options for opening a non-resident account in most countries involves opening a brokerage account with a linked bank account but such accounts do not exist in the UK at present. Therefore if you ...

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Last updated 10 Nov 2010

The Historic Market Town at the heart of North Yorkshire - Richmond

Richmond, North Yorkshire, is sometimes referred to as ‘the mother’ of all Richmonds worldwide. The town, on the banks of the River Swale, grew around its impressive castle, which dates from around 1071. Richmond is an historic Yorkshire market town, with Norman castle, Georgian architecture, cobbled market place, monuments and abbeys, the fast flowing river Swale, and breathtaking scenery. Situat...

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Last updated 07 Aug 2008

The vacation everyone must take - Disney World

There are few places on earth where just about everyone aspires to visit at least once in their lifetime. No matter what age they are; married, single, kids or no kids, the one place on everyone's list has to be Disney World.

Disney World in Florida has become the mecca for families not only from all over America, but the world. This is a magical world all of it's own where you can truly forge...

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Last updated 29 Jul 2008

Using Cash Cards Abroad

Cash cards are much more limited in function than credit and debit cards but they have one really big advantage abroad: without the PIN, they're useless and therefore they're of much less interest to thieves.

Cash cards for international use come in only two versions which are Cirrus and Plus. Both are linked to your bank account although you can also get prepaid versions of both.

These card...

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Last updated 20 Jun 2008

What do you do when your credit, debit or cash cards are stolen?

Most of the time it's fine to take a few cards and maybe a travellers cheque with you on holiday, but what do you do if you run out of money when you're abroad or if your cards/cheques are stolen?

It's safest to work on the assumption that your cards and/or cheques will be stolen and prepare for that. The way to do this is to keep a note of the card numbers, expiry dates and cancellation phone ...

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Last updated 20 Jun 2008

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